We know that the property market is a competitive one.  We want to help sellers and estate agents to get the best possible result from their sales.  By using our services sellers could benefit from quicker sales at higher prices and estate agents could benefit from increased commission due to higher sales prices, combined with quicker sales and well presented properties all helping to boost your number of listings.  We work with uninhabited properties whether they have just been vacated by tennants, recently refurbished or the seller has just moved on to their next property.  A full or partial stage prior to getting your home report done is the best way to help ensure the highest valuation.

According to the Home Staging Report 2021 by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland 80% of estate agents said that home staging would increase the offer value of the property by up to 10%.  With home staging costing only a fraction of this it can be a very worth while investment.

Our sister company Planography Ltd provides high-quality photoshoots, floor plans and property videos or 360 Matterport Virtual Tours. We can coordinate all of this for you providing a set of stunning images, a detailed floor plan and, if required, a property video or Tour for your estate agent to get started with your marketing as quickly as possible.


You put your heart and soul, not to mention a considerable sum of money, into your properties. When the joiners and plumbers have gone home you’re left with a beautifully refurbished but rather empty looking property. We help you show off your properties to their maximum potential, boosting viewings and increasing revenue.  Whether you are selling just one property or several, we can help with our full stage service, saving you time and effort in worrying about how to present your properties for sale.    

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